I received an error message that I had exceeded my quota, at the same time that all of my files stopped uploading (Error: Not enough space on Skydrive).  I uograded from 27 G to 57G account, but am unable to get file upload restarted.  I have stopped the sync process in Taskmanager, restarted the Skydrive app. restarted computer, completely shutdown and allowed to start fresh, to no avail.   I am unable to restart or finish the upload of files.  The Skydrive folder shows the 2 arrow upload icon, and several of the sub-folders have error icon - the yellow trinage with an ! - I can go through the directory tree to the actual files with the error icon on them, and load them into the program(s) and then close, and forsce the upload, but I do not want to have to open 5000+ files to get them uploaded.  ANy suggestions??  I am comfortable with setting/resetting attributes or other lower level substantive changes, if it can be done on a batch basis, and not individual files.

Josiah E. Hutton, Esq.

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