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I use Dropbox to sync photos from my phone and other devices to my Windows 10 laptop. I then organize the photos that show up in my Dropbox Camera uploads folder into sub-folders, make a few edits in the Microsoft Photos App or Photoshop, then add descriptions and tags using the Windows file properties dialog. I have been doing this the same way for at least 7 years, probably longer. 

I have recently been unable to edit photos using the Microsoft Photo App, nor have I been able to edit property details from Windows without getting a 0x80070057 error message. My issue started mid-day May 16, 2020. There have not been any Microsoft updates, other than defender definitions in over 7 days, and I have tried several solutions found here and elsewhere on the web to fix the Microsoft Photos App Including, reinstall, repair, reset of the application. I have also verified that I am the owner of the files and that I have Full permissions on them. I also have Administrator privileges on the laptop.

So far, the only solution that works for me it to first save the file using a different Photo editing application, such as Paint or Photoshop. Once I save it using a different app, I am then able to update properties and edit using the Microsoft Photos App. This is extremely time consuming. I could simply switch to using one of these other apps, but I would prefer to continue using Microsoft Photos because it can perform the quick edits I need in much less time.

Thank you in advance!

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