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I'm building a new computer and started from scratch.

Previous forum questions had dealt with my previous computer's increasingly fragmented mail folders, and I gave up on that drive for my regular use.  It's now mounted as the E drive on my new computer.  I need to move my mail folders from it into my new computer.  Just so I don't have any complications, I've not installed the WLM yet in the new computer, but would, before migration from the previous drive.

The mail all seems to be there, and it would be a matter of sifting through the dozens of new subfolders (having fragments of previous folders in them), and moving the mails to the appropriate new computer's folders.

I believe I understand the import process to not duplicate what you had before but instead moves all those folders to a storage folder.  If that's correct, I can do all the fussitations later, once they're there.

I also have a dim recollection of being able to, via some convoluted copy-to-clipboard, paste to a file, and then highlight all and drag the files into a WLM folder, or some such, instead of importing; that could work, too, and save me a step, perhaps, in that I could be sliding highlighted blocks without first having to have imported them...

The question is:  Where do I look on the old drive, in order to direct the import program where to look (or to fully set up the new program with all the folders I want and drag-and-drop into them from the old drive)?  And will it do that (and is there a separate address?) for the contacts?  What about what previously was the windows address book (.wab file if my memory's correct)?  I don't find such a file on my old drive.

Here's where I think the general neighborhood is:

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