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I am trying to assist a friend who has lost access to his local account (and hence his WLM Contacts) when MS tricked him to create a Windows Account (on WIn 10 environment) which in turn disable access to his local logon account

Unfortunately he was not able to logon to his laptop with the newly created Windows account (maybe due to the fact that he mistyped his new password too many times or maybe because the process failed fir other reasons)

Consequently he was locked out of his laptop (MS password reset didn't work either)

Following instructions provided by another member of this forum i was able to hack into the laptop and in so doing was able to create a new local admin account and using this account i was able to activate WLM (the laptop was originally a Win8 machine with WLM client)  and then recover all his email messages (although the old local account is no longer active the associated folders are still located under the Usersusername directory structure

I believe that the usual way to move contacts from one account to another is to use the export / import  process (probably via a CSV file) but this option is not available to me since i can't log onto the the old WLM environment

I tried to  locate the folder and file(s) where contact may be located under the old user file structure but with no luck (I can see all his EML files but what should one look for when chasing contact databases (I did come across some instruction  suggesting to look under ....windows live contacts  but i could not locate such files but maybe i missed something)

Can you advise me as to how i can recover the contact information    or how i can restore the WLM and WL Contacts in a case such as mine (account is no longer accessible but folders and related data is still all there)

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