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I had been working on a project where I had recorded a bunch of narration audio files which were all in sync with the video. However when I saved the project and then reopened it later to work on it again, the narration was moved around (when I first opened the project it was in the right place, but in a few seconds it had been moved without me doing anything). So I worked for quite some time to put it all back into the correct place (there was narration that had been moved around and some had been deleted), when I got it back to how I wanted it I saved the project again as another version. Then when I opened that version again, the exact same thing as before happened, and my narration was completely messed up again. Obviously something happens when I open movie maker, I experimented by saving the version with the messed up narration as yet another file, and when I opened that file the already messed up narration was altered again. I'd really appreciate it if someone had any idea what I could do to fix this

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