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I have two windows live accounts.  I have had this glitch on both accounts. However, one corrected itself (so I know it wasn't my own change in settings since I haven't changed anything myself). But the other one still has the glitch. This is how it goes:

I click on my inbox, it shows, let's say... 72 new emails. However, if I scroll down, it will only show about 20 or 30 at a time. It will not show me any of the other ones until I have deleted either all or partial all of the other emails and then refresh the page (or switch between the focus/other box).

This is annoying and time consuming, but even that wouldn't be horribly bad if I could still delete what I check all at once as each page loads.  (By the way, there is nothing at the bottom or anywhere else that indicates I can switch between pages). However, if I am to check, for sake of argument, all of the messages showing up, let's say 35 messages that are showing though my inbox says I have 72, if I have those 35 selected, and click delete, all 72 are gone.

The only workaround I have found is that I have to manually click delete on all the unread messages to clear them out or mark as read, and then refresh the browser or again, click on focus/other to get the remaining to show up. Depending on how many messages there are, this can be mind numbingly slow. I have a photography/videography/drone business, so I can, at times have high volumes, hundreds and hundreds of emails to check.

Is there any way of fixing this???

Also, since there are two inboxes, focused and other, why doesn't it act as two separate inboxes?  For instance, if I try to delete all out of the "other" inbox, it deletes all of my focused inbox as well. This is a real nuisance and time waster as well.  If this is the case, then why are there two inboxes at all? Seems to be counter-intuitive, if they don't really separate anything.  Again, this only seems to happen though on one account.

Any suggestions?

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