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I have had the same ISP for 5 years now, and my Windows 10 on my Inspiron 17R Laptop, with Windows Essential 2012 for the last 5 years.  My average data usage has been less than 240 GB and everything worked exceptionally well.  In September, 2019, a few days back I got an alert from my ISP indicating that I have very high usage which was going to reach the limit at 1024 GB.  After I reached the limit, I would have to pay $10 per 50GB of data. 

The problem is that I have changed nothing in the way I use my computer, watch TV's or stream.  Nothing changed.  What is going on?  I have paid Dell Support today to take a look at my computer.  They cleaned up pretty good, took unnecessary apps out.  However, the usage spiked another 6 GB after they finished working on my computer.  The problem still persists.

My ISP tells me they have nothing to do with data usage on their end and it is my problem to fix my computer.  The Arris Motorola router tells me that my router is working just fine, the problem is with the ISP signal.  I am stuck in the middle.  I cannot afford the plan for unlimited data because for a small user like me does not deserve to pay $100 a month for unnecessary data usage as I don't need it. 

Is this something to do with Windows Live Email, which is not supported by Microsoft and the last day of support was on August 30, 2019.  Please help because my monthly ISP bill could go up to $200 a month if this doesn't get fixed right now.  What should I do with Windows Live email?  Is that causing this problem of high data usage.  Dell Support tells me there is no virus or malaware etc. on my computer, also the router works fine.  When I open Windows Live Email (my desktop email system), which I am still using, a message comes up, says "Windows Live Email could not be started because another instance of it is still running on your computer.  Please lof off windows and then restart Windows Live Mail.  If it persists, restart your computer".  Microsoft or anyone that knows can you please help me. 

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