Problem: After password changes, MS Teams will load but it states that it ran into a problem and needs to restart. You restart and it asks you to login but the login page is blank/white and will not load.

I work in IT for a company and we have seen this many times, especially on password changes.

It seems the only fix is to restart Teams - it then asks for a login. If you put in your real, known good login, it will pop a login page but remain white/blank and not load.

In order to get it to load, you put in a bad login or a login that the computer does not know. It then will then pop a login page and it WILL load. You then correct the login to the known, good login and then it will prompt for a password. Input the password and Teams will load.

This has happened to many computers when password changes occur.

Question: This has been an issue since we deployed Teams months ago. Is there anything in the pipeline to fix this? MS is rolling out all these changes but cannot fix a simple issue like this when something is running in their own ecosystem?

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