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I have been using Movie Maker for years with no problems. Until a few days ago I got the message that Movie Maker was not closed correctly and I had to reinstall the last project. I am familiar with this reporting and after reinstalling a project I kept getting the images back. Not now, however. I got a gray toolbar with no picture and sound. When I closed the project, the message that I closed correctly kept coming back. I was able to load a new film fragment and I could save the project again under the same name. If I then wanted to open a new project without closing Movie Maker, the program stopped responding and I had to close it via Close window. Being in a vicious cycle, I removed Movie maker and reinstalled it assuming an error had occurred in the program.

Unfortunately. After the new installation, the problem persists. I insert a new clip into a project with only gray image and no sound, and overwrite the existing name of that project and it works fine. If I open it without closing the program, I get a message back that the Movie Maker was not closed correctly and I have to install the project again. If I do that, I get images and sound. If I close the program, I have to save the project again and exceed the file name. When I open the file from explorer, the program opens without the message that it has been closed incorrectly. Apparently the problem is not in the program but in the files. For some reason, the program no longer reads the existing files as it should. How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance for the effort to figure this out.


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