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Movie saves great except for... in the credits ONE name glitches!!! Just one, the same one, no matter where I put it.  Grr!!  As it scrolls through, it gets to this name and it stutters moving the movie jerkily, frame by frame then returns to normal.  Takes about 2-3 seconds.

I have changed the wording, replaced the wording, added to it, taken away, changed background, several times.  I have changed the timing, taken it out, put it back in, I've added things prior to it, taken them away.  I've done a rain dance... no reason but it seemed like a last resort... still a glitch once saved to an mp4 in the same place, every single time!!!

I now have less hair and there is still just one glitch.  Seems like the only way i am gona get round it is to remove credits all together, save movie and put the credits back in... do you think this will work?  



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