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at first one day movie maker stopped working. it asked for "WLXPhotoBase.dll", so i tried to completely uninstall and reinstall it. it still had the same problem. so i found a copy online and copy/pasted it where it was supposed to go. it then said the UIcore.dll was missing so i found a copy of that too online for download and copy/pasted. at this point it still had the error symbol but just had written out gibberish for the error message. after that i figured i would just upgrade to windows 10, which is what im on right now, and it still had the same problem AGAIN. so i completely uninstalled it on windows 10 and reinstalled it, and now it wont even open. a loading symbol just appears next to the cursor and nothing. i thought about going into task manager but nothing related to windows essentials was there.

so i went to the uninstall window of control panel and windows essentials wasnt there. now im thinking this is no big deal, i just didnt install it. i go to the windows essentials setup program and it only asks for me to install microsoft one drive so i try to install even that but nothing. i need movie maker because i make youtube videos and im sooooo used to movie maker.

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