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so i and doing a ait class were i have to use movie maker and it will not let me saver it what i did so far is

i recorded a 5 minet video on my Xbox one s then i saved it to my one drive , then i saved it to my school computer i changed it to an wmv file and i edited it on movie maker 2.6 i added photos and memes and some sound affects then some reason the file name became *mswmm* and when i try to publish it it gets to 20% then it says  "

Windows movie maker cannot save the movie to specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available that saving location is still available and there is enough space available and then try again:

i just dont know what to do i have all photos files and gifs and sounds in the right place and in the right location and i just cant figure out what is wrong with it.

ps sorry i have terrible spelling not the greatest at English

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