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I've used movie maker over the last 8 years because its simple and allows me to get the job done.

However just lately the program keeps saying "the file might be corrupted or in a format that movie maker doesn't recognize"

I can't see the video I'm working on and can't use effects or anything.

I tried steller repair for corrupted videos to repair the video incase it was corrupted. I then put that video in movie maker live and after loading everything, the error came back.

I checked my ram. only 47% is being used.

My computer is up to date with date with its video card driver, the player I use is movie and tv and it plays the video with no problem.

I've tried Repairing the Windows Live Essentials. Still got the error.

I'm wondering if maybe its the hardrive where the files are from?

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

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