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When editing, I usually add music in my projects. Two times so far, when I have added the music, it turns into high pitched sounds. The picture shows what they look like. The music however can't be heard as many times as the picture shows. The high pitched sounds only play once, right after I've pressed play. The sounds play for about 2 seconds and the rest of the music is silent, no matter at what point I start watching the video from.

When I listen to the music used on for example VLC media player, the music sounds just like it should, no bleeping.

The two songs that have turned into bleeping are both downloaded from YouTube. The first song was fixed by changing its name but the second one(the one in the picture) is still a problem.

I can of course always pick a different song for my projects, but this is very irritating and somewhat creepy. Can anyone help me?

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