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Recently I have edited my second youtube video on Movie Maker. I use Windows 8.

With the first video, I could just save it on the "Youtube" saving setting in Movie Maker and it worked just fine.

But this time, now that I've saved it, something has gone wrong with the cuts.

In Movie Maker itself it's all cut perfectly, with one cut flowing very nicely into the next.

But the rendered and/or saved version seems to mess the cuts up. It's like the first cut keeps going for about half a second to a second too long, therefore skipping the first second or half second of the next cut. Which leaves me with seemingly akward cuts and the fact that I start talking in the middle of a sentence with every new cut, because the first part is missing.

What is also strange is that my video is 21 minutes long, and it only starts acting so weirdly after 15 minutes. Before that point the cuts are flowing just as they're supposed to.

I've tried saving it in different settings, but it keeps doing the same.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance.

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