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Hi all,

I've started experiencing issues with Movie Maker Pro. I've been using it for years to edit and compile screen recordings, but lately it crashes a lot. It'll just suddenly close with no warning or error pop up when the video is being encoded, and does so between 9 and 20%, hasn't gotten past 20% in the past couple of days, even if I leave it going for hours. I don't want to lose my hours or editing on this project by having to redo it all in a different program.

Just now it won't even finish importing metadata. At all. It just keeps loading and has been doing so for the past hour.

When speeding up the video it pauses and gets really skippy in playback, but if I go to try to trim those areas out it plays completely smooth with no long pauses on that screen.

An older suggestion had said to download realplayer, but that seems to have made it even worse. Realplayer won't even open, so I'm out of luck there.


I can't find anything about possibly updating the software either..

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