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OK, I am an Alpha Tester for Star Citizen, so I started making videos with Shadowplay. My video card is an NVidia GTX 750.  I have made several videos successfully, but the last one I made is 3 hours long, and I wanted to pull out small parts to show bugs I encountered.  I did not have Movie Maker on my Windows 10 computer, even though it was previously an 8.1 operating system.  So I downloaded it, and opened it.  Then I put the 3 hour long video in, and it shows a huge amount of previews in the large right pane.  However, the video preview on the left is black screen and there is no sound when I play it.

Also, many of the options are grayed out, and the entire Edit Tab, below the yellow highlighted Video Tools text, is grayed out.

View tab has all items in color.

Project tab has Music Mix and Fit to Music grayed out.

Animations and Visual Effects tabs have all options grayed out.

Home tab has all options in color except rotate right and left options.

I tried looking on Youtube and Google but find no help.

OS is Windows 10 Home

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