31. July 2020 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized

I have never moved, deleted, or renamed any of my files. And yet Movie Maker keeps corrupting all of them, and replacing my thumbnails with an exclamation point. Like, seriously! Why can I not use my freaking files even though they're NOT EVEN CORRUPTED, or in a format MOVIE MAKER SUPPORTS, and I've not even MOVED, DELETED, or RENAMED ANY OF MY FILES? This is ridiculous, and only about 1 of my freaking images or videos in my entire project is saved, and the rest are replaced with an exclamation point. WHY?! I have to delete all of my other clips just to save a video that is NOT EVEN FINISHED. I am literally done with trying to make anything in Movie Maker, because it is just going to do it again the next time for NO APPARENT REASON.

Please give me tips, I'm sick and tired of this.

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