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I have 3 issues creating a video using  Microsoft Movie Maker:

  1. I am making a video that includes photos and video clips.  The video is approximately 30 mins long.  I am using movie maker version 2012 Build 16.4.3528.0331 running on Windows 10 PC.  I have issues with the video clips that can be seen in the thumbnails not playing in the video; they show up black.  I remove them and reinsert them and they play successfully.
  2. Then when I close movie maker and reopen it, some of the pictures that I inserted can’t be seen – they show up as a grayed out frame with a yellow triangle in the center.
  3. I use the video stabilization option on a video I created and after playing it I close the application.  The next time I load movie maker application, some of the video clips will play while some do not.  All are mp4 format.  Also, when I play the complete video, it skips including the music.

Can anyone provide help with these issues?

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