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I have been using Movie Maker with no troubles until now. Tonight I made a movie in Movie Maker, the same way I always have and joined a few short videos together to form one video. In Movie Maker all of the videos played normally and when I was happy with the finished video, I saved it exactly the same way I always have.

The problem is, when I play the saved video, one segment of it plays upside down. It was not shot or uploaded upside down and the original file plays right way up, just as it did inside Movie Maker. I still have the project open in Movie Maker and it plays right way up there as well. 

I know I can rotate video in Movie Maker, but the video I'm working with is not upside down at all until AFTER I save it and as it's only part of the whole movie that's saving upside down, I can't take it back to Movie Maker and rotate it because then the parts that have saved right way up will turn upside down.

I have tried saving the edited movie again and that one segment still plays back upside down. I am baffled and have never had this happen before. The only change to the computer I'm using since I last used Movie Maker without problems was the upgrade from Windows 8 to 10. This is not the first problem I've had with my computer since going to Windows 10.

Any advice how to fix this would be much appreciated :)

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