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see... i have been having movie maker problems since the starting..

first of all...

the video errors... i've tried each and every way to fix them but they keep appearing! i wanted to fast foreward a video te movement the project is almost done those stupid errors pop up saying this file might be corrupted or in a format mm does not understand... its a .avi file so i guess no issues for that.  i dont understand what to do!

and second...

the files do not show me a preview on the screen on the left. if i add a file.. it takes about 15 minuites to load!!  and then when i edit it to fast foreward it wont show me... even before editing i just freezes as if the pause button is a stone and duh.. what do i do!~!??

is my pc bad? is it only me or its common? i hope for a response soon halp... :'(

Original title: i need help :'(

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