15. February 2016 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized

Ok, I'm having issues w/ Moviemaker.  When I'm editing AND in the final product of a youtube vid, I have a black border that seems to get added and removed at random!  Its not in the raw footage, but it IS there in Moviemaker.  


go towards the end, at the 18:58 mark, and watch how the border gets added. ...there is an example at the very beginning too....  I didn't do this, and it isn't in the raw vid.  Moviemaker ads this.   WHY?   the vid is shot in 1080 ...1920x1080 30fps w/ a canon rebel t5i, and again, the raw footage doesn't show this.  as soon as I import it into moviemaker, these random borderings show up.....

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