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I have been using WLM on a XP machine for many years. I have 3 hotmail accounts and they all work fine until the sent folder disappeared on one account. I tried for hours to get it back but gave up. The account has about 2gb of emails so I didn't want to completely remove and reload everything.

I have now bought a new Windows 10 PC and installed WLM and set up my 3 hotmail accounts, all I had to do was enter the address and it automatically sorted everything out (after a couple of hours downloading).

The sent folder is also missing from the same account on this PC.

I think there must be something different on the outlook.com server doing this.

Some more information

This is synced by deltasync NOT IMAP

The messages are correctly stored on outlook.com in the "Sent" folder. The setting page refers to "Sent Items" folder which there isn't but this is the same on my other 2 working accounts.

This account does sync correctly using Ubuntu & thunderbird using IMAP.

Does anybody know how to fix this (other than using IMAP to sync)



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