I have now proof that once in a while, twice this morning, once two days ago for example, outlook 2011 for mac misses to retrieve email from the imap server and to show them in the inbox.

Those missed emails appear in the mail application from apple which I decided to use just to check that.

Please find below the inbox of outlook and the one from apple mail, both on exactly the same account.

The mail missed by outlook is the one from Linkedin.

I can assure you it is not filtered by the anti spam, in which case it would not be in the inbox in mail app or in the server.

The missed email is really nowhere to be found in outlook.

Changing the frequency of getting the email doesn't remove the issue.

Rebuilding the database neither (I rebuild it last week).

My question:

Knowing that this is a CRITICAL issue for an email software HOW can we ask Microsoft to fix it ? 


I have found a work around to ensure that I don't miss email, I transfer in outlook, all my email to a secondary inbox.

And the emails still on the server are the one which have been missed.

Of course, I have to use an other software or interface to check the server, for example a mobile device or the mail app.

I can then move those emails to a new folder, and suddenly they appear in the new folder.

It is quite time consuming because i have to transfer all my emails to a secondary folder, which unfortunately, cannot be done in one click.

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