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Good morning.  I would like some help on managing Sent mail in Microsoft Mail, on Windows 10.

I periodically move 'sent' mail out of the "SENT" folder, and into other folders, so I can keep track of specific issues.  When mail is in the "SENT" folder, the first line is the recipient of the email.  Perfect for finding an email.  However, if I create a new folder, and drag mail from the "SENT" folder into the new folder, the first line becomes the creator of the email...me.  I have folders with hundreds of emails in them, all with my name, and no recipients visible.

I searched on Microsoft Answers, and found this statement:  "Windows Live Mail has different layout templates for the different types of folders."  So, I think the solution is, I need to change the layout template for folders I create that contain 'sent' mail, to be different from folders I create that contain 'received' mail.  But I cannot find any tool or setting that allows me to update the layout template for Mail folders.  And perhaps I am mistaken, and this isn't the best way to accomplish the task.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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