I logged in after being recently upgraded to Outlook.com and have lost all my old emails and folders.  I have read through all most threads and checked all settings such as Active views, Group by conversation, POP settings.  They are already set by default to the correct settings.

I sync and check my emails on my iPhone and log into the Web browser version of Hotmail/Outlook almost everyday.  The same emails would always show on both the iPhone and Web browser so it proves my emails was not set to download off the server onto my device. 

I have tried the recovery process but with no luck.  I would highly doubt that I would delete all emails and folders from my Inbox.


I like many others use this service for both business and personal use.  It is critical that I regain access to all my old emails ASAP as I have clients relying on these emails.


Can you please see if there's anyway of restoring these emails and folders? 

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