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I was writing a very important letter for about three hours in outlook. I have Windows 8 on my system which I think is very confusing. The computer has a lot of strange commands by moving your finger around on the mouse. The system kept saying my drafts automatically but with one flick on the mouse it erased my whole letter.  I tried to find the draft button but was not on the page, I tried to go back with the arrow but I was prompted that I would navigate without sending the letter so I hit cancel. Then I hit save. I went to the my home page, hit the draft icon, looked on my subject letter but it too is blank.  The last time the system auto saved was 4:51pm on Nov 12. Is there any way to find the previous save before the system erased it, or did I save a blank page overiding the actual save? Please help! This is the second time this computer blancs out important documents. 

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