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Hi there, I've got a laptop that was just recently upgraded with windows 10 pro...although I am not sure that is the cause of the problem...however in setting back up all my accounts, programs, access etc. I opened my browser and typed in live mail, as I always do, and here are the various scenarios....

1. in Bing, it showed me my in box but I hate Bing, so I switched to a different browser, but I also set up "Mail" in Windows.  I can access my email via Mail in WIndows, but I hate that app too.  I want to just use the web access.

2. I open my browser (tried both Bing and Chrome, both of which work on another machine to access my account).  At one point I was given the page to login to my MSN account and once I did, the big blue spinning circle just spins forever and wont ever go to my account.

3. If I go directly to https://outlook.live.com/mail/, I get the same spinning circle and it never goes to my account.

Can someone tell me WHY I can't get to the owa ...as I said, I have other systems that I am able to go to https://outlook.live.com/mail/ and open my email.



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