I have version 2011 build 15.4.3555.0308
Windows 7 Home Premium
Nvidia GTX 780 graphics card driver version 331.82

I am an experienced tech. I cant figure out why this has happened. I have for a month, been using Live Movie Maker to edit .mp4 clips.
All of the sudden, it will not view, or edit or play any file type. I did no updates, not video driver, not windows, not anything. All updates are turned off.
I have searched this issue, found several similar posts, tried everything seeming relevant (most wasn't), it won't work on any file of any type from anywhere.

NEVER had one hiccup before of any kind. 300+ files edited perfectly, now zero.

"The file might be corrupted or in a format that Movie Maker doesn't recognize. This movie can't be saved or published until (filename) is removed from the project."

"Error: 0x87160139"

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