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I have been working on a video which I have been using Microsoft Live Movie Maker for. I've set a deadline so I needed it to come out. I was taking a break and watching some videos when my computer shutdown for no reason. Probably a Microsoft thing :/. I didn't think much of it and restarted the computer, reopened all my apps I was using, and went into Movie Maker and restored the project, as an alert will pop up saying ''The last time you used Movie Maker it closed unexpectedly''. I clicked restore, and all of my files came back to the way they were before, and the first part of the movie (an image) appeared. I went back to doing my own thing, yet when I went back to do more work on my movie, I noticed all of the videos had gone black, and all of the audio from said videos was muted. The music over it was fine, but all the other audio was gone, and the screens were black. I've tried rebooting, shutting down and restarting, and none of it seems to work. I've also noticed that if I reopen the save file, I can see the videos briefly but as soon as I click off it, it disappears. The same thing happens when you split the video. Please help, I've done to much to restart!

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