PLEASE withdraw (or fix) the patch you offered to all users with live, outlook, Hotmail accounts since it gives too many problems.

I am member of a helpdesk supporting 150.000 users in the Netherlands and see the following issues:

Live Mail crashes, error messages when automatically compacting the database, all calenders events disappear.

In this forum more problems are reported and fixes are offered. But these fixes should not be necessary!

In some cases system restore will solve the issue, but in others it was necessary to uninstall and reinstall live mail. I don't want tot give our customers this "solution". Many are using POP accounts next to their MS accounts and have archives with lots of mail. What if that is lost (of course they should have made backups..).  This patch must be simple and effective and not require support to fix the issue!

On Windows 7 computers and for POP  accounts the app is not a solution. The app does not offer the same options and ease of use as Live Mail.

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