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We have a desktop and a laptop, each running Live Mail 2012 to download e-mail from various accounts with various providers by POP3. All has worked OK for a-g-e-s, until a few days ago when the LM on the laptop kept ‘loosing’ downloaded messages.
Click Send/Receive, then LM accesses each account in turn, downloads any new messages, then on completion displays a “X number of new mail” message. Checking the e-mail providers shows that the messages have been removed from the servers Inboxes, BUT...they can’t be found anywhere on the laptop. Not in the Inbox for each account, nor Junk or Deleted or anywhere. The QuickView total of unread messages does NOT increase.
I have read all the various threads which I can find on this problem and tried all the various suggestions about the settings for View, Filters, Conversations etc, but no luck. All the laptop settings are exactly the same as on the desktop, which still works fine.
did do a ‘repair’ on LM, then deleted and recreated all the e-mail accounts. Sending some test messages to each of the accounts seemed to work at first – they downloaded and could be read OK. Try a bit later –no luck, not visible anywhere. Try again after a while – works again. All very odd and random. Small messages seem to fare better than large ones.

[ As an aside.....I have found a couple of older messages that will not display in the Preview pane, are marked as unread but if changed to read will then revert to unread shortly afterwards, and can NOT be deleted. Might there be some form of corruption affecting the message store and how could this be cleared?]

Any fresh ideas please?

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