I am having a dickens of a time with Live Mail.   It no longers wants to compact or back itself up because it is supposedly in use by another program - at least that is what the pop up says.

But i cant figure out how this is possible? 

So in order to over come this error, i've had to re-install Live Mail.  But doing this like ever 3 months, is unreasonable.  And attempts to repair Live Mail via its repair option shows no problems resolved.

Its pretty frustrating because many years ago, i got tired of nurse maiding Live Mail. So i switched to other email programs.  Then the programs of those email programs would stop fiddling with the programs and again i got tired with nurse maiding them.  So i switched back to Live Mail and by that time the bugs seemed to of been worked out.  But now after like 3 or 4 years, I'm experiencing Live Mail issues.

Can anyone design a reliable email program for us ????  !!!!!!!!

In any case, whats the fix about this inability of Live mail unable to compact and back itself up?


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