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1. what a term "categories" for groups begin this saga of having to work with asocial inventor types Microsoft employs to skin more dollars ... and always more time over bugs  from us

2. refuses to send to categories at random times with CAVEAT, it might still send to someone listed as Contact while stripping all those in Category from your outgoing email with NO notice !?!?!?  WOW, very professional

3. read ALL the fixes, blocked from replying to most, nothing works and watch out for "updates" that can really download additional Pandora Box contents into this dog with fleas

4. delete category rebuild it works once but so do other tricks to rid fleas

5. save refused message, close Live Mail, then try try again again .... might take only one or may tries and some ... next day might work

6. call MS support only to waste hours, become their trail/error slave while they scratch their head when the printed list in front of them runs out of to-dos ... then the SOP "we've NEVER heard of this problem before", as if YOU are the oddball

Interested in knowing what works for you and for how long

NOT about having this same PROBLEM

NOT starting a whiner club, that's best done at the bar

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