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I'll try and explain my problem as best I can.

I use Live Mail 2012 as my email client.

I have a standard template which contains a link in it. The link works ok in the template however when I receive an enquiry copy and paste the template into the reply.

The link then converts to this.. 'wlmailhtml:{EA677540-2D2A-48AC-B2FB-1DAC39427C54}mid://00000002/: Meaning I have to manually convert it back defeating the purpose.

Can anyone offer a solution, I've already modified the registry to allow links to be copied using the "wlmail.exe" Dword '2AF9' in internet explorer both 32 bit and 64 bit and double checked the settings to make sure it's right.

My mail is set to read as html and send as html.

Can anyone help please



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