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I am using windows 7 home 64-bit and i woke up one morning and i couldn't see any images in windows Live Mail 2011 so i thought Hey maybe there is an updated version so i checked on it and low and behold there was to windows Live Mail 2012 well i did the usual wait and see approach and i still have the same problem any image just has a square in the corner and an "x" in the middle i have unchecked both the the fixes in the security settings but it still WILL not load the images if i click on where the picture is supposed to be it will load the website for the picture or if there is a banner it will load the website but it will NOT display the picture

I have my system dual booting with windows 10 and it seems to work ok in there but i prefer windows 7 as the only reason 10 got installed was it was free

if i use my browser and load the webmail version of my email it loads fine just seems like the development team FORGOT something...HMMMMMM..... but i'll keep waiting and see what happens

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