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    i have 2 questions for my live account.

1-  every time i logon to live.com and it freeze up for 20 seconds. I do get Not responding on top of it. this issue started about few weeks ago and it does happens every time i logon. i have tried on different browsers and on different computers and on different network but same issue.

2- i have notice that i do have " unwanted folder " made on my live account by itself and most of the email goes in it.  i have delete the folder but it seems to be re appear every few days by itself. i have gone to option but there is no option for " Rule"

plus if i do move the email from " unwanted folder " to " inbox". email will go back to " unwanted folder" right away.

I have no idea what is going on with it. can someone please help me.?

Thank You.

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