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I am a mac user with Windows 8 installed via Bootcamp.

I want to be able to use Skydrive between both my OSX and Windows 8 systems.

For that purpose, I created a 3rd partition on my internal HDD, in exFAT format, to store the Skydrive folder.

It works just fine in OSX. The files sync and all is good.

I can also access the files from the Windows 8 system. But the files don't sync.

So the problem is the following:

How do I sync my Skydrive with the Skydrive folder on my exFAT partition when under Windows 8?

Under OSX, I would simply tell the Skydrive app to look for the files on the exFAT partition.

But I don't find the equivalent option here.

Should I change the location (right click on the skydrive app)?

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