I am using a MacBook Pro with software version 10.9.5. Since updating from Maverick, it seems Outlook is even worse than with Maverick when it comes to Junk Mail. Although I add the alleged domain address of every piece of junk mail to the blocked senders list under Junk Mail Preferences, i am constantly inundated with multiple emails from the same blocked addresses! I have 3 imap yahoo accounts; these are  not exchange accounts. I also get my Apple account mail through Outlook, but no junk mail there:) While there is in Yahoo Settings a place to add Banned Addresses, I can only add one at a time, which will be very time consuming.

I was also getting multiple emails from addresses that were on my Safe Domains list. After reading several other posts here, I have added the emails I received today that were not junk to my contacts list, as suggested. I hope this solves that problem.

I thought about upgrading to Office for Mac 2016, but there don't seem to be many differences or improvements over 2011. I certainly don't want to have the same issues (or worse).



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