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There is an existing item in this Community Forum describing a problem making the Export Mail function of Windows Live Mail inoperative. It deals with a Windows Update (

The existing item is located at

Export problem

But I can't figure out how to reply to it. I have a question:

I would like to temporarily uninstall Security Update KB3126593 run the export message function and then reinstall KB3126593 ,but it doesn't show up in my Installed Updates. I can only guess that it was superseded by a later update,but I haven't been able to identify a more recent Windows Update that supersedes it.Can someone help me to:

  1. Post a reply to the existing forum article hat I posted a link to above?
  2. If that isn't possible, I need to identify the Windows update that superseded KB3126593 so that I can temporarily uninstall it and then reinstall it after exporting my emails from Windows Live Mail? I am planning to migrate to a supported email client, but I have to be able to export all my existing emails first.

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