my domain is

somedays i got alot of inform from my users, they told me alot of about the error when they send and receive mail. so that, i check and found different information about MX record in DNS. maybe somethings wrong happen when different MX record in my DNS.

is it ok? if i upgrade new MX record that i found in

compair the information MX record below

Old DNS Information. ( this i already set to my DNS )


MX Mail Exchanger



                       1 Hour

New Information ( This I found when i check in  )

Domain Ownership: (required)

You must prove ownership of this domain by creating one of the following records through your domain registrar.


If your domain registrar allows you to create MX records, use these settings:

·         DNS record type: MX

·         Host:

·         Value: 85b375e5584ae04785bb7a7762d2f4.msv1.invalid

·         Priority: Higher value than existing records, or Low priority.

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