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Microsoft Alarm application has recently disabled features on my pc. I am not sure as to why, but the problem of the matter involves is customizing alarms and timers. The link provided was helpful but did not fix the problem. The link took me to  instructions to locate power and sleep in settings, however there are many options to the Screen and Sleep, and I was unsure of which option to choose for each dropdown, to enable the alarm features.  I have tried many of the options but none of them seem to be fixing the problem. My last choice was for Sleep to- ("never" sleep when pc plugged in) and under Screen, ( turn off after "25 minutes")

After selecting these options I reopened Clock and Alarms and the problem remains to say that "Notifications will only show if Pc is awake". 

If anyone knows how to enable the customization feature for the Alarms application, I would appreciate the helpful tip, thank you. 

Please let me know what option I need to choose in settings-  power and sleep, under the two drop downs of Screen and sleep. 

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