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I have Windows 7 and WLM 2012. My server is IMAP.

Each year, I change the html file (saved in Notepad) stored in WLM's "signature" folder to display the current year. I now have several old html files in that signature folder. 

One of my old html files is named signature2019.html. After opening it in Notepad, I changed the date from 2019 to 2020, then saved it. When I inserted signature into a compose email, it still said 2019!

When I threw the file in the trash, WLM 2012 said it couldn't find the necessary html file to insert signature. So I restored the file to the signature folder. Now when I open a new compose email, the "insert signature" button is DIMMED! I can't  click it, can't insert anything.

I started this question with one problem, now I have two!

1) Why is the "insert signature" button in a new compose email now dimmed? How can I enable it?

2) Assuming I can enable it again, how do I designate an html file in the signature folder to be the one that loads when I click "insert signature" in a compose email?

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