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On the 27th April I posted this question and Jefferson Ore was kind enough to reply I followed his advice and have now experienced further problems. It may be that in my attempt to correct the situation I caused the new problem not sure but don't believe so. I attempted a reply to Jefferson's post on 28th April but don't believe this has gone through the system if it has my apology for the re post.

Re Post

Now I'm in big trouble

Have followed Jefferson's advice and clicked on to the Stop Signing In Icon and then checked my contacts list .About 150 contacts have disappeared totally as have 3 of the group lists that were previously there. At the same time the numbers of contacts in the 3 remaining groups have increased from what they where earlier yesterday morning with one group having increased from 67 members to 150 members where as the maximum number in this group had previously been 77 members.

Returned to the Connection Tab to check whether I could reverse the Stop Signing In option only to find that option is apparently no longer available to me and while the Sign In Tab  is illuminated and use able the Stop Signing In tab is greyed out and will not respond to any attempt to activate this feature.

Any way to reverse the catastrophe that has occurred and at least allow me to reinstate my list of contacts and groups from a couple of days ago. I know this doesn't totally resolve my problem but gives me a better base to work with.

My original contacts list has decreased from 633 to 450 and the numbers in my group contact lists have diminished from 344 earlier yesterday to 268 as I type this message. My original Groups lists contained 417 contacts, fortunately if push comes to shove I have hard copies of 410 of the names and details of my original contacts and they can be regenerated with some considerable effort.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

Graeme M

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