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I am currently the email coordinator for a small car club ( 400 members ) and do regular mail outs re various events activities etc

To facilitate the mail outs and in order to comply with my ISP providers mail out limitations my contacts are divided into 5 separate groups in Windows Live Mail.

This has worked well for the past 4 years except that in the past 3 weeks the system has arbitrarily at random been deleting contacts from the various groupings however at the same time the various peoples details remain in the original contacts list, i.e the only listing affected is in the group category.

Having reinstated the club members names into the various groupings again (hard copies of the membership list were retained) over the past 3 to 4 days a number of the contacts have again disappeared from the group contact list with 30 disappearing over a couple of days another 30  approx disappearing in about 15 minutes (some while I was actually looking at my screen and not performing any functions)

and I notice another 11 names have disappeared over the 5 groups overnight.

Obviously I can not continue reinstating the group members names every time I need to contact them which occurs fairly regularly.

Can any one provide any assistance

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