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For years I have successfully been using Windows Live Mail 2012 (WLM) to send, receive and store my emails, of which I have thousands. As Microsoft have now stopped supporting WLM and Sky Yahoo are about to do the same I have had to change over to Office 365 Outlook, NOT Windows Mail.

I have successfully set up Outlook 365 and am using it to send, receive and store my current emails and have transferred all of my Contacts over from WLM using the *csv import format via Excel.

However, I have now have the problem of copying over all of my 1,000's of emails stored by WLM on my PC to Outlook. It appears that rather than being stored on a server they are actually stored in a folder on my PC, which I have ascertained the location of.

If I try copying and pasting the contents of the folders from my PC into Outlook it does not bring over the subject / sent / received dates etc, just something that looks like a series of numbers and letters with today's date on all of them. 

Can anyone give me an idea how to transfer them over please?



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