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I am using my Hotmail (this has nothing to do with the MS Office Outlook!) since it was invented. One of the merchant from which I did purchase something sold my email address and I am overwhelmed with junk emails and phishing scams and all the filth. Cannot stop this - I have tried and used everything available to do so.  

So I decided that I am going to set up another, new Hotmail account and after transferred everything there and notifying my contacts about the new email address I will cancel the current account. That was the plan, however, I run into the impossible task to export or import my rather sizable email account with folders and subfolders. It seems that this not possible to do. I did try to use the "Connected Accounts" to do so however, that does not work at all, because it does not even recognize my ....@hotmail.com email address.   

The other problem that the contacts what I have imported onto the new account is on the "People " folder and does not work the same way as the original Hotmail contacts.

A guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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