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I have 2 email accounts on Thunderbird.  Both have the same passwords.  Suddenly they need my password for my acct.  I put it in and I get the same message over and over.  I know my password is correct and I've never had to do this before.  How can I fix this?  I've tried the remedies I've seen online. 

This same thing happened with my Windows Live for that same account.  Both were on my laptop.  I deleted it from Windows Live and put it on Thunderbird and now it's happened there.

Now it is happening on my Windows Live on my Desktop.

Does anyone have any ideas.

As I read on one site, I did try changing the Laptop Thunderbird from Imap.mail.yahoo.com   to    Imap.mail.att.net and it didn't work so I put it back.  Now I am going to try to do both computers that way.  HELP!



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