Just discovered there is a giant generic "OUTBOX" for all Live Mail accounts hidden at the bottom of the folders views and just about impossible to scroll down to, or get to come up unless you maximize the Main Windows Live Mail -- so I found it and removed the email rejected by my own ISP and started an investigation with that ISP as to why it was rejected as there is nothing macroscopically obvious, that is, no typos, transposition of letters, tec. (see like that for etc.

That got me to thinking why not have one giant generic "INBOX" for all live mail accounts as well - that way only one inbox and outbox would make it seem as if my email was organized efficiently?

Can  you copy each individual account "Inbox" into one "OUTBOX" so that all email appears in one place?

Seems like a good idea to me - feedback, negative feedback, previous experience, etc.


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