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Instead of a yellow envelope icon for Inbox messages I get a white half envelope icon and the message won't open.  Then, at some time later, the white half envelope icon may change to a yellow envelope icon with no known action on my part.

For background information, I use Windows 7.  After Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail didn't work any more, jFiredog of Community helped me get it working again in June 2015.  Now suddenly I have to struggle to get it to download incoming messages.  I have saved images of the error messages I get and I wish I could send them to you as attachments on this forum or with an email message.

One interesting fact that may or may not be significant:  Microsoft is not supporting Windows 7 and since the cut-off date I haven't received any updates from them when I shut down the computer -- except once, maybe(?) around the time that this Windows Live Mail problem started.  Maybe two months ago, Microsoft did download something onto my computer without my permission when I shut down.  Could there be a connection between that update and my problem?

I would be pleased to send you any additional information that you need to help me.  Thanks.

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